The Ken Davis Story

Ken picked up his first guitar in the early 1970’s after playing keyboards for five years previously. He purchased his first synthesizer in 1974 a Mini Korg 700S, developing a deep passion for this instrument,  it opened up musical possibilities and allowed his creative mind to create sounds previously unheard of in Australia. He continued performing on guitar, piano and synthesizers until the mid-90’s, when he decided to focus more intently on the keyboards.
As a self-taught player Ken claims that becoming a professional musician was always his dream, a big part of that dream was writing, producing and releasing his own original recordings.  “Keyboards became the key to that dream,” he notes, “as the keyboards could transform into saxophone , pan flute, flute, cello, viola or any instrument, allowing me to create the beautiful melodies that have made my music so popular worldwide. Ken purchased a recording studio in January 1989 and learnt how to record and produce his own music and produce master tapes often recording live to tape to capture the moments that are so precious when creating this style of music.

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