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Tai Chi Music was selected from Ken's beautiful ambient music collection and was the first Tai Chi release in the world.  Ken is sure  this will be the perfect release for you. If you are currently studying Tai Chi or wish to start this is the perfect CD. Enjoy

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    author: PHOEBE KOUVELA

    I found the CD an excellent tool for meditation and also for background music.. It empties my mind every time I listen to it.

  • Great relaxing CD, has helped me drift off to sleep when having problems
    author: Gen
    author: Mary McRoberts

    My Tai Chi has improved since I received this CD - I can concentrate much better. Very soothing, relaxing music for any time of the day.

  • My Tai Chi students prefer this CD over all the others I use.
    author: C. Earl Todd

    I have been practicing and teaching Tai Chi for over 20 years. I limit my class size to about 15-20 people. I use this CD regularly, along with several other CD's. Virtually every time I use one of the others, several students will ask that I please use this one more often. Oh by the way, This CD is my personal favorite as well.

  • I love this CD even though I don't practice Tai Chi
    author: Keith Gold

    Ken Davis music will blow your mind. How this composer has not achieved world status I will never understand. His music takes you to a dream like state of mind that reminds me of what I expect if I go to heaven or music I would hear in another world. Keep this music coming Ken as I need more and more to keep me stress fress in this world full of stress and anxiety.



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Track Minutes
1 Endless Emotion (Crystal Clear) 9.05
2 Fly Like a Bird (Atmospheres) 6.35
3 Fantasy Dream (Atmospheres) 5.22
4 Far Away (Pan Flutes By The Ocean) 6.20
5 I Believe (Inspiration) 4.28
6 More Than A Friend (Pan Flutes By The Ocean) 5.09
7 The Calling (Love) 3.04
8 Full Of Love (Love) 5.23
9 Heaven And Earth (Call Of the Dolphin) 4.11
10 Radiance (Atmospheres) 9.00
Total Playing Time 58Mins

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