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Spirit of the Pan Flute Australia



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"Spirit Of The Pan Flute is now Kens most successful release in Australia with sales exceeding 300,000 copies to date . Haunting Pan Flute melodies and didgeridoos create the  Spirit that is unique to our country. Visit the many places through music of this incredible place.

Ideal For Listening Pleasure

"On hearing the music from this great CD I took four copies back to friends in Germany"

Hans Hass January 2006

Track Minutes
1 Kakadu (Northern Territory) 10:12
2 Celebration of Sydney (New South Wales) 06:20
3 Great Barrier Reef (Queensland) 09.12
4 Uluru (Northern Territory) 04.06
5 Blue Mountains In The Mist (Katoomba, New South Wales) 03.30
6 Friendly Dolphins (Monkey Mia, Western Australia) 04.06
7 Whale Sanctuary (Hervey Bay, Queensland) 04:50
8 Magic of Kuranda (Cairns, Queensland) Video Clip 04:50
9 Spirit of Australia 04:45
Total Playing Time 52:10


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