Pan Flutes With Nature In Australia

One Of Ken's Early Releases
Now Titled Pan Flutes With Nature In Australia

 Inspired by Mother Nature,  Pan Flutes With Nature creates a feeling of wellbeing. Haunting Pan Flute melodies and nature sounds ensure a peaceful environment in the home or office. It is both ambient and environmental and is listened to in healing and meditation centers throughout the world.

"Since listening to your relaxation music I'm not stressed out or tired when I get home each night. I have lent your CDs to clients who have all begun to collect your music for themselves. Keep up the good work!"
Rob Perry Computer Sales and Training, Sydney, Australia 2009

Track Minutes
1 Our World 14.00
2 Angelic Voices 03.10
3 Truth 04.30
4 Music For The Trees 04.40
5 Sunset By The Ocean 03.40
6 Soaring 10.00
7 The Dawning 08.40
8 Harmony 03.30
9 Music For The Trees (added Nature sounds) 04.36
10 Solo Violin And Pan Flute 01.30
Total Playing Time 59.13


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