Early Morning In The Rainforest
Triple Platinum Sales In Australia

The First And Most Popular Rainforest Release In The world

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This was the first rainforest release in Australia. Gentle piano melodies and nature sounds are ideal for relaxation and meditation as well as Tai Chi. Many women have played this gentle music through pregnancy and during the birth. 

We need to protect our rainforests throughout the world. Recycle whenever and wherever possible!

Today is my 54th birthday and I'm listening to "Early Morning In The Rainforest" on compact disc. Spring has arrived and your music could not be more appreciated. It was a gift from my niece. After hearing my first recording of your work I will be buying your entire collection."
Barry Kennedy, Raymond Terrace, NSW  2009


Track Minutes
1 Early Morning 31.00
2 Dawn 21.15
3 Rainforest Environment 09.17
Total Playing Time 61.32

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