Celebration Of Life CD
KDM1036 CD
Celebrate Your Life
Smooth Jazz Style

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This release features piano, saxophone and smooth orchestral arrangements crossing over into smooth jazz.

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CELEBRATION OF LIFE - Interview with Ken Davis

Q: Your latest release sounds a little different than previous releases; there is a subtle smooth jazz influence.

A:  During my frequent visits to the USA over the past ten years, I've made it a point to listen to a lot of radio whilst there and have always impressed by the smooth jazz style in LA. I have always loved the melodic structure and relative simplicity of smooth jazz and world beat musical styles; so it was only a matter of time before I tried my hand at integrating those characteristics into my own sound. 

Q:  Tell us a bit about the individual instrumentals on Celebration Of Life

A. The first track was inspired by music I had composed for my Dolphin Magic release. The melody was so joyous, it brought tears to my eyes; on many occasions, it has bought more tears from people who experience it live. 

Track2, "Holding Your Hand," has always been a favorite of mine, so I decided to re-arrange it into the smooth jazz format to give it new perspective and life.  "Land Far Away" was inspired by the sounds coming from the keyboard that helped create it; the didgeridoo completed the theme in harmony with the grace and beauty of the piano. 

Track4, "Atlantis," has always been one of my favorite themes, but this time I re-arranged it to include bass and drums and bass plus an angelic choir that really brought out the previously hidden beauty of the tune.

Q:  You arranged a sax line for Track 5, "Said You Were Wrong."

A:  Yes, I wrote this on the keyboard and created the lead sax line as I always do (create the melody that is inspired by the chord structure behind) .Ruedi then played the sax line perfectly to enhance the great chorus melody.

Track6 is called "Sugar". It is a great dance track with strong bass and drums. The creative short sax line and the world beat sound make this are refreshing change of pace.  

Track7, "Incantation," features my favorite instrument, the pan flute. I think it would make a great film score theme. 

Track8 is titled "L.A. Cool," and is one of the most inspired pieces that I have ever composed. It is the manifestation of one of those magic times in therecording studio when everything is flowing just right, the sound is great and I got to hit the record button. It is so great when music just happens like that! (laughs) Some people may be surprised to learn that the flute heard on this track was actually played on the synthesizer. 

Track9 "Shaken But Not Stirred" was composed and recorded live.

Q:  What about the title track?

A:  Track 10 "Celebration Of Life" has an interesting history. Originally, this song was a very high-powered rock instrumental.  But were-arranged it right back to where most of the original song was stripped, even the drums, then gave it cutting edge instrumentation, including some Roland Groove box. It has turned out to be one of my favorite tracks.

Track11, " Spacial Jazz," is also a departure from my typical sound; it feels like it came from another time and space. Lots of effects went into creating this very unique piece of music.  The album closes with

Track12 "Sunset Over Bali," a creation that Inspired me after spending many hours discovering the Roland Groove box.

Q: What is the theme or basic inspiration of this new recording?

A: Celebration Of Life was inspired by my endeavors to raise money to help assist people in hospital by providing a more positive environment. This led to the theme, with individual pieces starting to emerge during the two years after performing the related benefit concerts.

Q:  Are there any special skills of techniques you've developed that are
showcased on this new album?

A: I'd like to think that my left hand technique is very skilled; that is ,playing sequences with the left hand, not just chords. This ability allows so much more space and melody to come through. Also, arpeggiated chords in rhythm and octaves provide another melodic structure that makes the music more unique. This, blended with the orchestral backing, brings out the best in my playing of the lead melody lines.  Most of the tracks were multi-tracked. The engineer-producer is a drummer and highly skilled at his craft; this helped me a lot make creative decisions as to the sound of the finished tracks.

Q:  Is there anything else you'd like to share about Celebration Of Life?

A:  This album, for me, encompasses all of the musical skills I've developed since I began releasing albums in 1982; I hope it will touch the innermost emotions of the people who listen to it and bring joy and inspiration to them to allow there creativity to abound and make them a better person for having taken the time to have listened top the creative process that created it. CELEBRATION OF LIFE is an expression of my zest to be alive, to be able to make music that really touches people in many ways.  I hope this and all my recordings make listeners a little more aware of our fragile environment and how we must all strive to achieve a more harmonious lifestyle that encompasses all of our current luxuries without harming the environment. We need to preserve and enhance what we have left with future generations before we've gone too far to undo the harm we have caused to the Earth. Every living creature has its place on the planet has a right to enjoy life, and to participate in the Celebration Of Life.

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