Call of the Dolphin CD
 KDM1020 CD


Voted The Most Successful  And Downloaded Dolphin Release In The World


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The love for dolphins and the need to protect them worldwide inspired this beautiful release. The dolphins message to us all is " that we take life too seriously". We have become victims of our own society, creating stress and tension that can be soothed away by relaxing music. The sounds of dolphins at play feature on this release. This  has been one of Kens most successful releases world wide. Facts About Dolphins                                            

Dolphins are highly intelligent, sensitive beings who feel a special bond with humans. Dolphins have telepathic abilities and are reaching out to contact humanity as a part of the evolutionary process. Research is showing that dolphins are communicating on a level that goes beyond language, that is touching people profoundly.

Monkey Mia in Western Australia is a well-known wild dolphin centre where   thousands of people  gather from all over the world to experience a close relationship with wild dolphins, who have learned to trust human contact in the wild. The results have been astounding!

"Call Of The Dolphin is my favourite of all your music". I listen to it over and over again. Thank you for caring for the dolphins and the environment."
Tracey Mayton, Raymond Terrace, NSW 2005

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Track Minutes
1 Show Me The Way 04.30
2 Calling Out Your Name 07.02
3 Love For the Dolphins 05.00
4 Now I've Found You 03.35
5 Call Of The Dolphin 06.12
6 Heaven And Earth 04.10
7 Infinite Joy 21.43
8 Our Living Ocean 03.58
9 No Boundaries 04.26
10 Enchantment 02.31
11 Coorabell Chimes 03.20
12 Dedication 00.04
Total Playing Time 62


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