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 The Australia CD features natural sounds as well as inspirational melodies of Pan Flute, Harp and Didgeridoo. For those music lovers who wish to listen to the sounds of Australia this is a must!

World Famous Didge Player David Hudson  performs on **Outback** Sounds of the Ocean enhance several of the compositions. For those who like the unique sounds of the Australian  listen to  **Outback**. One of the most popular releases of music in Australia.

I purchased three CD's of Australia for friends after my wonderful experience of visiting Australia

Keep up the good work, my friends were really happy with the music

Dave Baker

Florida USA 2012

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Track Minutes
1 Australian Dream 04:10
2 Bird Sanctuary 03:58
3 Sydney in Flight 05:37
4 Outback 06:37
5 Australia The Paradise 04:20
6 Dance of the Dolphins 06:40
7 Great Southern Land 06:47
8 Flight of the Kookaburra 04:40
9 Rainforest Spirit 08:36
Total Playing Time 56.00


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