Ken Davis Early Career  1970 To 1980�s











Ken In London At The Beginning Of His Career In Music In 1971               Ken With His First Guitar After Returning From London In 1971   

In 1974 Ken recorded his first single in Adelaide called The Moog Symphony.  It was released by EMI Australia from a demo tape sent by Ken trying to obtain a recording contract for his songs.  The Moog Symphony  was written on Guitar in Adelaide South Australia and Ken used his newly acquired  Mini Korg 700S to record his first synthesizer release.  The original cost of the Mini Korg 700 and then the Mini Korg 700S was  round $ 400.00 Australian in 1974. Even this early recording showed Ken�s passion for the synthesizer and its innovative sounds.


Ken then recorded his first guitar and synthesizer release as he was very passionate about the killing of  whales and it was at this time that his deep feelings for whales and dolphins surfaced and he joined Greenpeace. Ken�s first vocal and guitar release was titled *Do They have To Kill The Whales * A deep and meaningful song with the killing of the whale by harpoon I the middle and the heartfelt emotions of seeing the whale floating on top of the ocean in a pool of blood. Ken cannot believe this is still happening today but at least there are movements and governments trying to stamp this madness out. This first song that was never released commercially will be available on MP3.

Ken has assisted many artists through his career as he always had empathy for other artists that he felt had talent and need a helping hand. One of these artists was Adelaide�s Chet Reynolds. Ken wrote a song for him called *Back To You *  now available as an MP3 also  the song * Keep On Walking * . Ken played guitar and produced the song . Michael Bull played bass and Chet sang the lyrics. Ken even pitched this to Melbourne Guru at the time Michael Gudinski one day in Adelaide. Ken with his never ending enthusiasm and professionalism lined up a meeting with Michael Gudinski at Adelaide�s ABC studios but as usual the demo went in one ear and out of the other and in those days there were no options its was just never give up, keep going whatever obstacles are put in front of you and believe me Ken had that never give up attitude that persevered until he did get his break 10 years later.


Ken produced many synthesizer tracks that were never released including a voice box version of * Martian From Space * Ken used his Mini Korg 700S synthesiser through a guitar voice box and the effect was very dynamic. Ken also wrote songs *Summer In The City* and Black Stallion Lady* at this time showing his ability to write various styles of music.  Ken was always experimenting with sounds in the early 1970�s when he discovered the enormous range  of possibilities of creating and working with sound.  This was the first time that Ken thought about going overseas to further his career as he was having no luck with his innovative music against the likes of AC/DC and Sherbet who were at this time popular and well on the way to fame and fortune. Ken always seemed to be a little to far ahead all the time and when the constant refusal of record companies to recognise his talent. At this time Gary Numan and many English bands were using the synthesizers to gain acceptance and Ken felt so frustrated to be in a country that did not like innovasion.

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